Acroprint ATRX ProxTime - 50 Emp

Acroprint ATRX ProxTime - 50 Emp

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Acroprint ATRx ProxTime 50 Employee Capacity

ATRx ProxTime: 50-employee capacity. Administer the system from a designated PC; employees clock in and out using that PC or proximity terminal(s). The system can accomodate multiple proximity terminals.

Three ways to punch - proximity badge, pin number, or at your PC.

The Acroprint ATRx Proxtime is a combination of Acroprint's Attendance Rx time clock software along with their Proxtime proximity badge terminal. You can add optional RS485 secondary proximity badge terminals to create a multi terminal system. It also collects data in real-time. Once an employee punches, it is instantly entered into the software.

Acroprint ATRx Advantages:

  • Lowest priced badge-swipe system
  • Punch with badge, pin number or at PC
  • Punch data sent to PC in real-time
  • Proximity badges work with dirty hands, more reliable

Acroprint ATRx Proxtime Features:

  • Supervisors edit timecards at the PC
  • Supervisors can view who is in or out
  • Automatically calculates hours worked
  • Two classes of overtime
  • Records sick, vacation and holiday time
  • Exports data to QuickBooks Pro
  • Multiple terminal capability
  • Network version of Attendance Rx available
  • Interfaces with Acroprint HRx software (optional)
  • Reports: Timecards, Hours Summary, Who's In/Out,Employee Profiles

Acroprint ATRx includes:

  • ProxTime Proximity Badge Data Terminal
  • Attendance Rx Single PC Version Software 50 Employees
  • 15 Proximity Badges
  • 50ft of RS232 cable
  • 1 DB9 adaptor


  • PC with Pentium or higher processor
  • 1MB available hard disk space
  • Minimum of 4MB of RAM
  • Available serial port

How to add multiple terminals: You get one Primary Proxtime terminal with the system. To add one more terminal, simply purchase a Secondary Proxtime terminal and connect it to the Primary with a RS485 cable. To add a third, simply connect a third Secondary Proxtime terminal to your other Secondary terminal.


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