Time Recorder System, Proximity Terminal, 14"x2.75"x10", Charcoal ACPATRXPROX

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Time Recorder System, Proximity Terminal, 14"x2.75"x10", Charcoal ACPATRXPROX
Acroprint ATRx ProxTime 50 Employee Capacity ATRx ProxTime: 50-employee Capacity . Administer the system from a designated PC; employees clock in and out using that PC or proximity terminal (s). The system can accomodate multiple proximity terminals. Three ways to punch - proximity badge, pin number, or at your PC. The Acroprint ATRx Proxtime is a combination of Acroprint Attendance Rx time clock software along with their Proxtime proximity badge terminal. You can add optional RS485 secondary proximity badge terminals to create a multi terminal system. It also collects data in real-time. Once an employee punches, it is instantly entered into the software. Acroprint ATRx Advantages: Lowest priced badge-swipe system Punch with badge, pin number or at PC Punch data sent to PC in real-time Proximity badges work with dirty hands, more reliable Acroprint ATRx Proxtime Features: Supervisors edit timecards at the PC Supervisors can view who is in or out Automatically calculates hours worked Two classes of overtime Records sick, vacation and holiday time Exports data to QuickBooks Pro Multiple terminal capability Network version of Attendance Rx available Interfaces with Acroprint HRx software (optional) Reports: Timecards, Hours Summary, Who''s In/Out, Employee Profiles Acroprint ATRx includes: ProxTime Proximity Badge Data Terminal Attendance Rx Single PC Version Software 50 Employees 15 Proximity Badges 50ft of RS232 cable 1 DB9 adaptor Requirements: PC with Pentium or higher processor 1MB available hard disk space Minimum of 4MB of RAM Available serial port How to add multiple terminals: You get one Primary Proxtime terminal with the system. To add one more terminal, simply purchase a Secondary Proxtime terminal and connect it to the Primary with a RS485 cable. To add a third, simply connect a third Secondary Proxtime terminal to your other Secondary terminal.

Seller SKU: acroprint-atrx-proxtime-time-recorder

Asin: B00078B6RQ

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